The IntelGARD Executive Team

Executive Leadership is more than who we were

Core Competencies

IntelGARD has assembled our founding leadership team around three key tenets:

Proven Emerging Solutions Market Knowledge and Experience

Depth and Breadth of Target Market Prospects

Team Fit

As we dreamt about IntelGARD and the Executive Team that could lift it to viability we considered only a few criteria.

The “It” we were looking for was a combination of global technology leadership experience with proven results, enthusiasm and ability to stay focused on the vision, an ability to present compelling new ideas and exhibit a willingness to adopt the ideas of others as their own. Ultimately, the “It” was a history of servant leadership that was stress tested and certified as authentic. None of our leaders have perfect winning record. But their perseverance and history of leadership successes made them our founding leadership team.

Leadership Team


Eric Rickard

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rickard is a business and technical champion in advanced technology innovation having served as VP Strategic Cybersecurity Innovation at Booz Allen Hamilton, International Director of Cyber Customer Innovation at Raytheon, and Director (AI, Speech Technologies, Vision Systems, Robotics) at SRI International.

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After 9/11 he also took a voluntary appointment to lead the US Government’s largest counterterrorism R&D program. He has founded and led two 501c3 non-profit enterprises and participated in multiple technology spinoffs including Nuance Communications, Intuitive Surgical and Siri. He has led global technology teams as large of 500+ people, including dozens of contractors, and managed business operations in excess of $1B.

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Richard Maloney

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Maloney has an extensive background accounting, audit practices, risk management and insurance. He has held several executive leadership positions, including as IBM Practice Lead for IT Risk Assessment and Management, Marketing Director of Price Waterhouse (Tax Technology Group), Director of National Sales at Arthur Andersen, and Director, and General Manager of Healthcare Information Systems (HIS), a McGraw-Hill Company.


Kevin Debasitis

Chief Revenue Officer

Mr. Debasitis has over 3 decades of experience bringing innovative technologies from concept to commercial success. This has spanned technologies from one of the first eCommerce websites for the Construction Industry in the early 2000s, to Third Generation PV in CleanTech, to most recently a cloud-based Smart Building Digital Twin/Analytics platform for energy savings and operational efficiency.

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This cutting-edge SaaS service depends upon collecting key building data via secure, encrypted internet connections to a wide array of buildings including hospitals, commercial buildings, educational institutions, global financial companies, and GSA/Federal facilities including an FBI field office, all requiring stringent security measures. The key to these successful campaigns has been Mr. Debasitis’ ability to accelerate and scale sales/adoption through establishing global partnerships with strategic channel distributors in addition to identifying and closing direct sales with industry leading customers.

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Tom Cunningham

Tom Cunningham

Global Marketing and Customer Relations Officer

Mr. Cunningham began his career in sports broadcast, marketing and media with Chicago Sun Times and Intersport Media. He was recruited to become COO of the World Economic Development Congress and because of the rapid expansion of broadcast, cable and media markets Tom took on additional roles in financial and investment management (Series 7 and 63), eventually serving global clients such as Commerce Bank, Royal Alliance, and Pacific Economic Cooperation Council.

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His leadership abilities formed the foundation of an exceptional achievements within the Global Fortune 50 market, including Hewlett Packard Enterprises and as VP Business Development at Compaq Computer, and Director at CMGI. Tom has lead marketing team in excess of 1,400 staff and held multi-$M P&L responsibilities throughout his career.

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Moshe Goldenberg


Moshe Goldenberg is an international technology and service business entrepreneur. His breadth of business and operations knowledge combined with fluency in multiple languages and cultures make him a valuable complement to our IntelGARD leadership team. His decades of experience range from founding, managing, and selling computing hardware manufacturing companies to service the rapidly growing gaming industry to acquiring, operating, and selling Epsilon Telecom, a public telephone company in Brazil.

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Having an eye for the future Moshe founded Epsilon USA, offering services to call centers and interconnections to worldwide telephone companies. Moshe has international experience in closing contracts in over 50 countries in all continents and has successfully exited all his prior companies to enjoy a retirement of sorts. Moshe has continued his passion and curiosity for advanced technologies. He is mostly interested in harnessing technology to serve the good of man. Since 2010 Moshe has dedicated his time to technology innovations across a diversity of markets including, solar energy, nanotechnology, telecom, and security. We are honored to have Moshe Goldenberg in two roles as our Business Development Director for South America and Board Advisor. Moshe Goldenberg is an Electronic Engineer graduated by the Polytechnic School at the University of Sao Paulo. Today he lives In Israel.

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Jim Foley


Mr. Foley is an experienced CEO and company director who specializes in strategy, marketing, and sales. He is a highly sought-after expert in strategy development, international expansion, and investor relations. Based out of the UK, he has led several companies to international revenue and profit growth. These include large enterprises such as BT Media and Broadcast, and Kroll International, and young entrepreneurial companies such as the cloud orchestration company Flexiant and security networks specialist Veracity.

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A highly successful early career in software development quickly transitioned to ‘C’ Level IT and strategic consulting sales with organisations such as Cap Gemini and Platinum Technologies. Mr Foley’s first CEO role at the influential digital agency Reality quickly followed. Subsequent board positions included VP of Market Development and Innovation at BT Media and Broadcast, CEO of Kroll International, VP Marketing for Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) as well as other CEO, CRO and CMO roles. With a rich experience base, international cross-industry networks and seasoned leadership Mr Foley will help accelerate the early traction and organizational development of IntelGARD in the UK, USA, Europe and the Middle East as well as provide invaluable strategic guidance. Mr Foley holds a BSc in Computer Science, and MBA and is currently pursuing Doctoral Research at Europe’s largest center of entrepreneurial academic research.

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Join Our Team

Our business success is driven by the creativity, inspiration and passion of our people. We look to build and scale our team based on their enthusiasm and ability to stay focused on the company vision, their ability to present compelling new ideas and their willingness to adopt as their own the ideas of others, and the proof of their continual willingness to assume and meet the responsibilities they accepted.

We believe that the foundation of growth starts with shared values and the passion to create, innovate and deliver disruptive Privacy solutions to industry. We are always looking for like minded individuals who are looking for their next challenge and the desire to truly make a difference.

The culture we are building at IntelGARD™ will help us to drive the future of Privacy Loss Prevention and deliver a truly global impact on Business, Organizations and Individuals. If you think you have what it takes and a desire to learn, grow and lead, Please send us your CV.